Month: August 2021

The Perfect Spacing for your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is an exciting endeavour.  This is your opportunity to design a space that best works for your family and your lifestyle.  In many cases, you may want to change the footprint of your kitchen, especially if removing a wall or if the current layout is not functional for you.

When changing the footprint we need to be very aware of distances and spacing.  The Ontario Building Code requires a minimum distance of 30” between fixed objects.  While this fine for a doorway, it’s too tight between countertops.  You need room to bend down and empty the dishwasher.

The ideal space between your island and the perimeter of your kitchen is 42”.  This magic measurement means that your countertops are only a step and a turn away.  You don’t want multiple steps between your work spaces as it creates more work and is less efficient.  42” is perfect to stand working at your island and for someone to be able to pass easily behind you.

The back of your island wants more space, especially if you have seating.  I find that anything larger than 48” is enough room for people to sit comfortably and other people to be able to pass behind them.  If you have more space than that, even better.  You don’t want to end up feeling crowded.


If you have the opportunity to improve the footprint of your kitchen, go for it!  A kitchen is a big and permanent project so make sure you get what you want!