Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I call first – a designer or a general contractor?

– You are best to start working with a designer. We create the plans so that the contractor can work with them to price your project properly.

How long does a kitchen renovation take?

– The scope of work can vary greatly. Maybe you’re taking out a wall, maybe you’re doing new flooring everywhere. The overall timing needs to be looked at for each job. For kitchen cabinetry, from empty room to cabinetry and countertops installed is about 3-4 weeks.

I’m not quite ready to start working with a designer, but how can I start planning on my own?

– The best way to start is to collect images of kitchens you love. Save pictures of colours you love, layouts you like, and features you’re interested in.

What makes a new kitchen more or less expensive?

– Cabinetry is often the single largest expense in your project. There is a wide range of pricing and quality in this line item to be sure you are choosing the value that best suits your home, lifestyle, and budget. Countertops can vary greatly in pricing also, even just by choosing a different colour of the same material. Your designer will ensure you understand all the options available.

What is the work triangle and is it important?

– The kitchen work triangle – the lines drawn between the sink, fridge, and range – used to be a common way to design a kitchen when there was only one cook. Now that kitchens are used by the whole family for many different functions, we design different ‘zones’. A prep zone, a cooking zone, a clean up zone, etc.

What is the most desired kitchen feature?

– If the space allows, everyone wants and loves to have an island. Islands allow for good traffic flow and multitask asa prep and entertaining space.

Does Jackie Schagen Design handle the whole project?

– At JSD we do the design work with you, as well as supply and install the cabinetry and countertops. We work in parallel with a General Contractor of your choosing (we can also recommend some if you need).

If I have a small budget, will you do my kitchen?

– Yes! Of course! We are here to help. We have a broad range of cabinetry to choose from and can meet most budgets.

What is a design fee, and why should I pay you for this service?

– A design fee works to ‘reserve’ our services, assuring your priority and quality. The design fee is ultimately applied to the total cost of your kitchen remodelling project. The advantage to you in paying a design fee is that not only are a set of plans generated, but you are also hiring an expert design professional that will spend the time needed to educate you and give you all of the tools necessary for a successful design process. The details of the design fee will be discussed in the preliminary consultation phase. All fees are applied towards your project’s contract.

What if I have an interior decorator I am working with, and I want you to design the cabinetry?

– Our designers are uniquely qualified to work with your decorator, creating a truly collaborative effort in which each party brings their specific area of expertise to a project.

Will the designer change the layout of my current kitchen or do I have to keep the current layout?

– Together we will look at the space objectively to see if your goals can be met with the current layout or if a new layout will be more beneficial.

Do I get to see a virtual design of my kitchen renovation before the project starts?

– We start off with black and white layouts to ensure the function of your space, then we add colour and create photo-realistic renderings so you can visualize your new space completely.

What size kitchen renovation projects do you handle?

– We handle all sizes of kitchen renovations. Large or small, we’re here to help you best use your space.

Will you help me find he products and materials I want for my kitchen renovation?

– Yes, our kitchen design team will help you find the products and materials that you want for your complete kitchen renovation project. From countertop material and backsplash design to cabinet styles and handles, we will walk you through each aspect of the kitchen design project.

Do I need to come prepared with my own kitchen remodel ideas?

– Yes, you should come prepared with your own kitchen remodel ideas. This will help our kitchen remodel design and construction team bring your vision to life easier and ensure we include everything you want and need for your newly remodelled kitchen.